Spring Cleaning 2020: An Unexpected Unhaul

Hey All! So a week ago I decided to tidy up and reorganise my bookshelves and therefore decided to unhaul some books I either didn’t like or have no interest in anymore. I’ve decided to split these books up by why I’m unhauling them and possibly explain why they fall into this category.

Read but Didn’t Enjoy

Reviews for Tweet Cute and The Queen’s Assassin

Unfortunately, these are all the books I had on my shelf that I looked at and thought ‘meh’ or ‘ugh’ after reading them. None of these did much for me and I’m quite happy to see them gone to be honest.

I’ve never read but I have no interest in anymore

I’ve read and whilst I enjoyed them at the time, I don’t see myself ever rereading these:

Whilst I enjoyed all of these when reading them, my reading tastes have either changed or I’ve grown as a person and learnt more about the world and realised the book wasn’t good for a certain reason. I’m referring to ‘The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Night-Time’, which I’ve realised as I’ve grown doesn’t include good representation of autism, and the author has admitted he did no research for the book.

I own multiple copies

I am buying different copies:

I’ve included pictures of what my old copies looked like, and the sunning new paperback copies I intend to buy for the whole series!

The Cassandra Clare Case:

You won’t see these books in the before or after picture as I unhauled these about a week before I fully reorganised my bookshelf (they had been sitting on a stack on my floor for months before this). However, I have unhauled all my Cassandra Clare books now after doing more research into her past and thinking about her books. There are a lot of things Clare has done over the years I don’t want to support as a reader, and I’m not going to list them here because it’s really easy to research Cassandra Clare and also a completely personal choice – I don’t think anyone is bad for supporting her, I just don’t want to.

I owned quite a few of her book so in total I unhauled: the complete Infernal Devices trilogy, the complete Mortal Instruments trilogy, Lady Midnight and The Bane Chronicles.

And that’s all I’ve unhauled recently! Do you agree with my choices or do you think I’m mad for not keeping some of these?

4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning 2020: An Unexpected Unhaul

  1. I’ve been thinking about unhauling all of my Cassandra Claire books too, but I’m so indecisive. They have nostalgic value for me, but I also have no interest in her books anymore. So conflicted…😑

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    1. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with keeping books because they’re nostalgic for you! I’ve kept all my Night World books by L.J.Smith even though I don’t have any interest in them anymore. I keep mine on my bottom shelf though so they’re out of my eyesight.


  2. The first time I read Fangirl I loved it, the second time around I felt just okay about it. I’ve debated unhauling my copy too but ultimately decided against it because it just carries too much sentimental value for me. Landline was also just okay, so I don’t think you’re missing out 😝.

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    1. I keep books for sentimental value too! Yeah I tried to start Landline three times and each time I couldn’t get into it. I think I’d discovered Rainbow Rowell just isn’t for me and Carry On was a bit of a fluke!

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