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Hi All! I’m sorry I’ve been away for a few days, I needed a mental health break away from everything. I’m fine! Just needed to give myself a couple of days to breath though.

After struggling to think of a post to write and realising I haven’t done a tag in a while I did a bit of a search for a book tag I may want to do, and I found this tag on Chelsea Palmer’s Booktube channel!

1. Joe’s Eyebrow Ring: Name a book that held on by a thread, an almost DNF but you preserved.

This is quite an easy question to answer considering the last TTT I posted followed this very concept. For this one I’m going to with the ‘The Thousandth Floor’ by Katherine McGee, as the whole time I was reading this book I was only enjoying one of the characters – and then the author killed them off! The rest of it was just bad, there was too much incest for me and no one else was even remotely likeable. It was weird and definitely not what I wanted.

2. Carole Baskin: Name a plot hole that you have never been able to let go of

I wasn’t sure what book to go with for this prompt, as it’s embarrassing to say as a reader, but I often don’t see plot holes until months after I’ve read a book and I go ‘wait a minute, how did that work?’ A popular choice for this prompt would probably be the ‘Harry Potter ‘series, because whilst we all love it, it is littered with plot holes. However, I’m going to go with the ‘Divergent’ trilogy and the secret of the faction system, and whilst maybe some people wouldn’t count this as a plot hole I found it weird in the first two books how no one questioned the faction system until Tris came along, and then in the last book I didn’t understand how the big reveal fit in with a lot of things that had already taken place, I think it created more plot holes than it solved.

3. Here Kitty Kitty: Name your favourite villain you would write an origin story/diss track for

Unfortunately most of my favourite villains already have origin stories so I couldn’t pick them for this question, so I decided to cheat! I always wanted to know President Snow’s origins and now we’re getting them! I know this is cheating as this book is coming out in a couple of days, but I haven’t read it yet for that reason so I could still technically write my own origin story. Either way, I’m really excited for this book and I’m preordering my copy today as I’m lifting my ban on buying books for this book alone!

4. Golden Nuggets: Name a book that was rubbed in your face so much that you gave in and read (Hyped book)

I don’t read many books because of the hype surrounding them, I usually end up reading hyped books if I find them in a bookstore and I like the sound of the premise. However I did read this book because of the hype without knowing much about it and I really enjoyed it! It was a solid YA standalone fantasy with fun characters and an interesting conspiracy at the heart of it. You can read my full review for it here.

5. Hey all you cool cats and kittens!: What is your favourite line from a book

This may be a very common answer to this kind of question but the quote “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view … Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it” has stuck with me. I think it’s a brilliant line and one we could all learn from in modern culture where we are so quick to judge and demonise each other, sometimes we should be taking a step back and imagining what it’s like to live as the person we’re attacking or judging, rather than immediately deciding ‘cancelling’ them or sending hate is our only option.

6. Campaign Condoms: Name the cringiest book you’ve ever read

I’m not here to hate on the Twilight series because when I was eleven these were my books – I loved them. However, I do remember even at eleven, cringing at some of Bella’s behaviour in ‘New Moon’. I cringed when all she did was sit in a chair and mope about Edward for three months, I cringed when she did that weird motorbike thing when she was out with Jessica, I cringed when Edward tried to get shirtless in Italy to die. Even though I loved the book at the time, I still cringed my way throughout it.

7. Reinke, Kelci, Erik: Who are some of your favourite sidekicks

This may not even count as a sidekick but I don’t care, I loved Nightblood from Warbreaker. For anyone who hasn’t read this, Nightblood is a talking sword whose sole desire in life is to destroy evil – unfortunately it doesn’t always identify ‘evil’ correctly and has a rather loose concept of it. Nightblood is a great sidekick as only those pure of heart can wield it (if you’re not you’re killed), however it’s also an awful sidekick as even if you are pure and allowed to wield it, it will drawn you of your breath as you hold it and could potential kill you – which depending on your outlook on life could be really good or bad.

8. Allen Glover: Name your favourite assassin from a book

I don’t think you can mention assassins in books and not bring up ‘The Hunger Games’. This totally warped the concept of assassins in books and instead of pretending it’s a cool thing (like most fantasy books do – looking at you Sarah J Maas), it really flips the script and shows you the horrors of being an assassin. Assassins aren’t free and they don’t do it because they want to – it’s a desperate game of survival, which is obviously played out in quite a detail in this book. I can’t pick an ‘assassin’ from this book as my favourite but they all definitely deserve a shoutout.

9. Joe Exotic’s Internet Show: Who are some of your favourite book bloggers! Tag them!

Evelyn @Evelynreads

Ren @abookishbalance

Mari @tirilu

But also all of you! If anyone out there watched ‘Tiger King’ and was as confused as I was by it, please feel free to consider yourself tagged!

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