Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons why I love books

This week I’ve decided to take part in ‘Top Ten Tuesday’ again hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic is ‘reasons why I love…’, and the included suggestions are favourite book title, genre or book. However, I couldn’t think of enough reasons to write a post on any of these topics, and I certainly can’t name a favourite book – there are too many! So I’m making this a very broad topic and decided to talk about why I love reading and books.

Books Challenge Me

No matter whether I’m reading a non-fiction book or a cutesy romance there’s usually a perspective or topic included in the book that challenges my own thoughts. Books force us to confront situations, experiences and perspectives we may have never otherwise encountered in our lives and they challenge our notions and beliefs because of this. One book I know that did this for me was ‘Frankenstein’ by Mary Shelley, it challenges your preconceived notions and thoughts on The Monster, and makes you question whether or not you really are any better than any of the characters who are so quick to judge him.

They Bring Me Comfort

How any of us have one comfort read we go back to again and again when we’re feeling low? I know mine is ‘Carry On’ by Rainbow Rowell. There have been so many times where I’ve felt low and I’ve picked up that book and found comfort, whether I read from start to finish or even if just read a couple of random chapters. But I can find comfort in other books too, no matter whether they’re ‘happy reads’ or not, and that’s because reading is an escapism and we all find comfort in that sometimes.

They Satisfy My Curiosity

I’m a very curious person and I crave knowledge. One of the ways I satisfy that, other than by watching weird documentaries on youtube, is by reading fiction. By reading fiction I can transport myself to the front lines of WW2, or I can visit Japan hundreds of years ago, or I can visit a mother and her life in suburban America in modern day. Whilst I understand these are fictionalised lives and stories, all of them hold some form of truth in them, and it gives me a way to learn that is not just through textbooks.

I Love Bookstores

I admit this reason is very materialistic and consumer-drive, and it’s not something you have to visit to be an avid-reader, you can spend your whole reading life borrowing library books or listening to audiobooks. But for me, one of the things I love most about books and reading is bookstores. I love stepping into a bookstores and knowing I’m surrounded by people with the same interest, I love losing myself amongst shelves, I love being able to browse for hours on end and discover books I’ve never heard of before.

They Inspire Me

Whether I’m inspire to stand up for myself and my beliefs more, or I’m able to recognise my own flaws in a character and work on them in the same way books have always inspire me. When I was child it was the in the simple ways: you can be anything! you can do anything! you are talented! To slightly different things as I’ve grown, maybe they’ve inspired me to travel or better myself, regardless books have always and will remain inspiring to me.

What are some of the reason you love books or reading?

26 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons why I love books

  1. Just like we have comfort foods and comfort objects, I think we have comfort places – like libraries and bookstores. It’s not all about consumerism! A lot of bookstore-browsing is simply about being in a place that feels like home and being among like-minded people. Nothing wrong with that! Plus, I always tell myself that the money I spend at bookstores keeps the book business going. Makes my book-buying habit seem more altruistic. Ha ha.

    Happy TTT!


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  2. Aww, I miss bookstores so much, too! I also love to visit thrift stores looking for books, and I miss that, as well. Someday we’ll be able to get out again, right? 😉 I love all your reasons. Most of all, I love the feeling of escaping to different places when I read. There’s nothing like the feeling of being completely immersed in a book. ❤

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    1. that’s so true! When you pick up a book and immediately you’re sucked into that world and become almost obsessed with it – it’s really like nothing else!


  3. Yes to all of this! Books are both a great source of information and a great comfort, reading is just… amazing in that it can directly influence everything in your life one way or another- I don’t think I can imagine my life without books?? 😂
    Happy Reading! ❤

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