Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’ve Read The Most Books By (there are no surprises on here)

This week I’ve decided to take part in ‘Top Ten Tuesday’ again hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, and this week’s topic is ‘authors I’ve read the most books by’. This is slightly difficult topic for me as I find that quite hard to track, and I don’t own all the books I’ve ever read so I can’t be reminded by just looking at my bookcase (and Goodreads isn’t much help either).

I won’t be including any authors I have read less than five books by as otherwise there would be too many to include on this list, because I’ve got a lot of authors where I’ve read four books by them. As well as this, there are a few authors who I have read lots of books by, but due to their beliefs or actions I no longer feel comfortable supporting or promoting them on my platform so I won’t be putting them on this list.

Sarah J Maas – 8 books

I’ve not even read all the books in either of these series and Maas is somehow one of my most read authors. I know not everyone likes Maas’ books and her series, but I enjoy a lot of them they’re are fun, (sometimes) quick and entertaining – even if sometimes I’m laughing at things that aren’t meant to be funny (e.g. Feyre and Rhysand have some moments together with descriptions that make me laugh).

Patrick Ness – 8 books

I read a lot of Ness books in my early teens after finishing ‘The Chaos Walking’ trilogy, which I loved, and I quickly went and bought some of his other works. The most recent Ness book I’ve read was ‘And The Ocean Was Our Sky’ which I liked, but I’m not sure how I would feel about his other books now if I reread them.

V E Schwab -7 books

Five of these I’ve read this year so I’m not surprised Schwab is one of my most read authors, and I’m sure she’ll continue to climb the ranks as the year goes on. I know a couple will be added when I finally get around to finishing the ‘Shades of Magic’ trilogy and get my hands on ‘The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue’.

Stephanie Meyer – 6 books

I can thank twelve year old me for this author’s ranking. I, like every other teenager in the late 2000s/early 2010s, adored ‘Twilight’ with all my heart and it’s subsequent sequels which I made sure I read. This number is also going to up because I have yet to read ‘Midnight Sun’ which I have pre-ordered and I am very excited about.

Leigh Bardugo – 5 books

Five books by Leigh Bardugo are not a lot considering how many books she has published, I know they’ll be some other people who have read a lot more than five books by her. Whilst I didn’t love the Grisha Trilogy, I, like everyone else, love the Six of Crows duology and I’m hoping to reread it at some point really soon! I do own The ‘King Of Scars’ and I haven’t read it yet, but hopefully I’ll get round to it soon.

John Green – 5 books

I can thank thirteen or fourteen year old me for these five books, because I after TFIOS I decided I had to read every book by John Green I could find. I still haven’t read his most recent book, and I want to, because despite what people say I don’t think he’s a bad author – I just think he’s to a certain taste.

36 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’ve Read The Most Books By (there are no surprises on here)

  1. I’ve read at least one book by all authors that you’ve listed! Great list! I actually forgot about a couple of them, need to dust them a bit.

    Here’s my TTT

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    1. Yay I’m glad I’ve got another Ness fan on my blog!:) I loved the Six of Crows duology but not the trilogy so much – but the duology is definitely worth reading!


  2. I adored the Grishaverse Trilogy, but even though I have the Six of Crows Duology standing on my bookshelf, I haven’t read that one yet. But it’s only good to know that it’s supposedly better than the trilogy!

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  3. Ooh nice list! I love how you displayed the pictures of the covers, it’s really aesthetically pleasing to me for some reason. I’m definitely an on the fence about Sarah J. Maas kinda reader. I love her characters but I can’t tell if I love her writing.

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    1. haha thank you!:) Yh I think a lot of people are like that, the characters are fun but people aren’t sure on the rest of it! Like I said I like it because it’s the book equivalent to reality tv for me


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