Top Ten Tuesday: Authors New To Me In 2020

This week I’ve decided to take part in ‘Top Ten Tuesday’ again hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, and this week’s topic is a freebie so I’ve decided to steal Books Are The New Black‘s idea from their post on authors that are new to them. So today I wanted to talk about authors that are new to me this year, these are authors that may have been around for a while but they might also be fairly new, but either way this year (2020) was the first time I read one of their books and loved their writing!

Ashley Woodfolk

I read ‘When You Were Everything’ for my ‘Buzzfeed Recommends‘ series and it’s the first book from that series that I’ve rated 5 stars. I thought it was a fantastic story of friendship and coming of age, and I loved all the characters and Shakespeare references that were actually relevant to the plot. Fortunately for me this is not the first book Woodfolk has published so I have plenty to read from the author.

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Madeline Miller

‘Circe’ was one of my first reads of the year and I absolutely adored the story and Miller’s writing. The book ensured Circe was heard as a female character for the first time, and it was so well done that I found myself devouring page after page to learn more about this illusive figure. Knowing that ‘The Song of Achilles’ also has rave reviews from the book community I’m really excited to continue reading Miller’s work, and she’s definitely an author I’ll be looking for on shelves in bookstores.

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Neil Gaiman

I can’t believe 2020 was the year I first read a Neil Gaiman book – it’s kind of shameful. Gaiman has long been an author on my radar for his imaginative and awe-inspiring worlds, but for some reason I’ve just never picked up one of his books before. After reading ‘Stardust’ though I know I will be looking to read more from him in the future.

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Max Porter

‘Lanny’ was such a masterclass on literature and the English language that I want to seek out Porter’s other works, unfortunately it appears he only has one other book published currently but I will definitely be on the look out for others in the future. If any of you are a fan of whimsical, fantasy language that borders on verse and makes you feel as if you’ve stepped inside some enchanted land – Porter’s work, at the very least ‘Lanny’ could be for you.

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Tasha Suri

I read ‘Empire of Sand’ during Asian Readathon, and it has started a bit of a love for Suri. I thought the book was a great YA fantasy with an unique magic system and world and I’m excited to read it’s sequel, but I’m more excited about the fantasy trilogy she has yet to publish with LGBTQ+ characters. I’m really looking forward to see how she’s grown and changed as an author since her debut.

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Ann Patchett

After the brilliant character study and exploration of mental health and trauma in this book, I am definitely on the look out for more books by Patchett now. Whilst I’m not sure ‘The Dutch House’ is for everyone, it’s a great character driven novel that spans four decades that never feels boring or bogged down by the large and complex concepts it tackles. Whilst I don’t know if Patchett’s other books are framed in this way, I am anticipating more from her still.

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Celeste Ng

I feel like a lot of people have only recently discovered how brilliant of an author Ng is. She expertly weaved together several character’s lives and stories in ‘Little Fires Everywhere’, and her writing style captures and snares the reader in a way few authors are able to accomplish. Whilst Ng unfortunately appears to have few books published she’s another author I will add to my watchlist, and I highly recommend you pick up her work if you haven’t already.

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Deb Caletti

I’ve only just finished ‘A Heart in a Body in the World’ but it has ensured I will look out for Caletti’s other work in the future. The feature of this book that has ensured I will continue to read from Caletti is how expertly trauma and mental health was covered, as it’s one of the few times I’ve read a book where I thought the author understood what having a mental illness is like.

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Bridget Collins

If you follow my blog you’ll know I talk about ‘The Binding’ a lot (I’m sorry if that’s you), and due to my strong feelings for Collin’s first adult fiction novel I’ve already pre-ordered her next release in November. There was something about this book and the way Collins captured great emotions that spoke to me as a reader, and I’ve now decided she’s definitely an author for me to watch and read more from.

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Benjamin Alire Sáenz

I finally read a book by Sáenz this year and I can definitively state I am never going back. I am really excited to make my way through all of Sáenz’s books in the future as he’s clearly a fantastic writer, and one I can’t believe has been missing from my reading life all this time.

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27 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Authors New To Me In 2020

    1. I was like that with Neil Gaiman too but I’ll definitely be picking up more from him now, and I also recommend Ann Patchett. Maedline Miller is fantastic and I can’t quite to read Archilles and more of her future works:)


  1. We’re topic twins this week 🙂 It’s always fun to discover new authors to love. I’m glad you’ve found some good ones this year. I’ve read a few Gaiman books, of which STARDUST is my favorite. I’ve also read both of Ng’s and one of Patchett’s. THE DUTCH HOUSE is on my TBR list. I love sagas and I’m glad to see that this one doesn’t get overly long and boring.

    Happy TTT!


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    1. aw cool!! I’m definitely going to read more Gaiman now, do you have any recommendations?? ah I hope you like The Dutch House as much as I did, I thought it was a brilliant character-driven novel:)


  2. Such a wonderful choice for this week! It’s absolutely unacceptable that I OWN Circe and still haven’t read it. I’ve only ever heard good things about it. Hopefully I’ll get to it this year. 😉

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  3. Great topic! I love Deb Caletti so much and think it’s never too late to find her work, so I hope you enjoy some of her others. My favorites are Honey, Baby Sweetheart; The Nature of Jade (I thought she nailed the depiction of anxiety super well); and The Fortunes of Indigo Skye, but I honestly have never been disappointed in one of hers, and I’ve read everything she published before 2015 except her first one.

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