WWW Wednesday: 5th August 2020

WWW Wednesday is currently hosted by Taking On A World of Words, and asks three simple questions that allows me to chat about what I’m reading, as well as my most recent and upcoming reads!

For a more personal side to my life, I just started up a personal blog called ‘Athena Today‘ on WordPress, and I just uploaded my first post so please check it out here.

What are you currently reading?

I just started listening to ‘Lucky Caller’ a couple of days ago as it’s one of the books I need to read for my ‘Buzzfeed Recommends‘ series, and I’m not far enough in to it to have an opinion yet but the narrator is good!

I managed to get an ebook copy of ‘Beloved’ from my library, and I was excited to start it originally as I had heard a lot about Toni Morrison. But this has not been an easy read so far due to the contents of the book relating to slavery and how it impacted every aspects of a slave’s life, but also I don’t like writing style, I find it extremely jarring. However I recognise this is an important read so I’m going to keep going with it, and hopefully I’ll get used to the writing style soon.

What have you just finished reading?

Somehow since last Wednesday I’ve managed to read six books, and three of them were for the ‘#makeyourshelvesinclusive’ readathon hosted by @marthabethanreads on Instagram. So I think I had a pretty good reading week.

‘The Song of Achilles’ was an ebook copy I managed to get from my library and I literally read it in four hours, once I started it I couldn’t put it down. It was my first read of August and it was fantastic, and it cemented Madeline Miller as an auto-buy author for me now.

‘A Love Hate Thing’ is another audiobook I listened to for my ‘Buzzfeed Recommends‘ series and it disappointed me, the characters were annoying and the plot very repetitive, and I’m not sure the representation was that good either. It felt like a mess and one I’m glad is done now.

‘Becoming’ was a fascinating read, largely because I’ve always been interested in Michelle Obama and her voice and story was very distinct in this. It was nice to hear from a woman in her own words, and it was a beautifully told coming of age story.

I finally understand why so many people rant and rave about ‘The Poppy War’, and even though I’m trying to save money I’m seriously considering throwing my budget out of the window and buying it’s sequel right now so I can stay in Kuang’s world because I really don’t want to leave it.

I forgot to mention in my last WWW Wednesday post I was also reading ‘Noughts & Crosses’, and I’m ashamed to say I forgot what a great YA books this is. It was only once I was about twenty pages in I remember going ‘oh that’s why I loved this book so much’, and it’s motivated me to also watch the TV adaptation because I’m eager for more content.

Finally I read ‘The Stranger’ by Albert Camus for free online and it was an experience. I’ve never read a book like this before but it posed really interesting questions and challenges to the purpose and meaning of life within 77 pages, which is quite impressive really.

What do plan to read next?

I plan on rereading the whole ‘Noughts & Crosses’ series this month and I’m really excited about it! I also hope to finally pick up ‘The Shadow of the Wind’ again and give it the time it deserves, as I have some free time next week that I can commit to this interesting read.

20 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday: 5th August 2020

  1. It sounds like you’ve had a great reading week! Sorry to hear that A Love Hate Thing was disappointing – the cover caught my eye but I’ll be giving that a miss. I’m still keen to read Becoming and The Poppy War (which is so hyped and I feel FOMO but also scared I won’t like it LOL). Hope you enjoy Shadow of the Wind! It’s one of my all time faves 😍

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    1. Yh it just didn’t work unfortunately, I thought I was at the end of the book three times only for the author to bring up the same conflict AGAIN. It was annoying. It’s so good you have to give it a try!! I’m sure I will:)


    1. I read Circe earlier this year and it’s one of my favourite reads of the year so far!! You should definitely read Achilles because it’s just as good


  2. Great list! I’ve read all of Toni Morrison’s books and honestly, the structure is a bit jarring, especially with how different it is to more contemporary reads. Beloved is definitely one of her more difficult stories to get through. It is worth it in the end, but the subject matter is hard for me. Worth it though 🙂

    Happy reading!
    My WWW Wednesday post.

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    1. Yh I think that’s why I’m struggling with mainly, I’m so used to reading from a certain style and structure that this is a bit surprising and difficult to get used to. Good to know it’s worth it!:)

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