WWW Wednesday: 21st October 2020

WWW Wednesday is currently hosted by Taking On A World of Words, and asks three simple questions that allows me to chat about what I’m reading, as well as my most recent and upcoming reads!

What are you currently reading?

I picked up ‘The Water Dancer’ a while ago but I put it down when I was going through a reading slump, and then unfortunately I didn’t pick it back up again as I went through a difficult period in my life. I’m glad I’m picking this up again though as I think the story is really interesting, however, at times, it’s difficult to get through as it’s not a quick read, the prose feels very heavy and sometimes suffocating, so whilst it’s good it’s also tough.

I’m listening to ‘A Song Below Water’ on audiobook at the moment, and whilst I didn’t really like the start of this, I’ve found it’s getting better and more addictive the more I listen. I’m hopeful this will turn into a great read because it has the potential to.

What have you just finished reading?

I finally caved and bought a copy of ‘Girl, Woman, Other’ and I’m so glad I did. I finished this last night with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face, bursting with emotions and thoughts, and I just love it. I can see why everyone is (finally) starting to take notice of Bernardine Evaristo and I can’t wait to read more from her. I can’t recommend this book enough.

I finally read and finished ‘The Toll’ by Neil Shusterman this week. Reading the final instalment in the ‘Arc of a Scythe’ has been long overdue for me, but I found myself a little disappointed and let down by the book. Whilst I like how Shusterman connected a lot of the strands that had been running throughout the trilogy, there was just so many things that concluded in a way that disappointed me or left me feeling numb. I still like the trilogy, but I’m not sure I like the ending. Anyway, hopefully you’ll get to hear more of my thoughts on this soon as I plan to do a trilogy overview review at some point in the future.

What are you planning on reading next?

I’m hoping to start these two within the next week as ‘The Nickel Boys’ was Waterstone’s July ‘Book of the Month’ and it’s shameful I haven’t read it yet, and ‘The Hazel Wood’ is one of the books I need to read for my ‘Buzzfeed Recommends‘ series – it’s time to hurry up and finish that series!

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