WWW Wednesday: 25th August 2021

WWW Wednesday is currently hosted by Taking On A World of Words, and asks three simple questions that allows me to chat about what I’m reading, as well as my most recent and upcoming reads!

What have you just finished reading?

I finished 10 Minutes and 38 Seconds… for my Waterstone’s series, and I loved it. It was a fascinating and engrossing read that I can’t stop thinking about, and I will now be looking out for more of Shafak’s work.

I Am The Messenger is a reread for me, and one that I found my love for hadn’t diminished – it’s still just as brilliant as when I first read it.

What are you currently reading?

These Violent Delights was a very slow start for me, the first 100 pages or so were difficult and I only kept pushing through because of the hype around it, and I’m so glad I did. I’m only now a 100 pages from the end and I’m obsessed with these characters and the story (I would just like to say, Kathleen, I love you).

I’ve only recently started On This Earth…. and truthfully I’m not sure if I like it yet, the writing style is difficult to read but unique and that intrigues me. Hopefully I’ll end up loving this as I know there’s been a lot of praise around Ocean’s writing, and I’m hoping I’m not going to miss out on this.

What are you planning on reading next?

I’m hoping I’ll get round to reading these two books in the next week, although I’m not sure I’ll be in the right mood to read these so it maybe something else entirely!

2 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday: 25th August 2021

  1. So many of these are still on my TBR! I’ve heard amazing things about Shafak’s book and I’m really looking forward to trying it. I’ve been really keen to try Vuong’s book but I have to admit that it intimidates me just a *little* 😂 I hope you end up enjoying it though. Happy reading!


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