Top Ten Tuesday: Covers That Made Me Want To Read The Book

This week I’ve decided to take part in ‘Top Ten Tuesday’ again hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. The topic for this week centred around Christmas book wishlists, but unfortunately I posted one a few weeks ago (read that here), so I’ve decided to visit a theme I missed out on, because honestly there have been so many beautiful covers in my life recently and I just need to share them.

I have slightly cheated on a few of these as I haven’t read all of these books yet, but if I haven’t they are on my immediate TBR!

The Women of Brewster Place

This is a very strong cover and the colours are far more vibrant in real life, it caught my eye across a local bookshop and took a hold on me. This wonderful cover comes from a reprint by a publisher local to me, and I think they’ve done a wonderful job. I have read it since and thoroughly enjoyed it, and will definitely be looking out for more books by Gloria Naylor now as her writing is incredible.

Kim Joyoung, Born 1982

This is a very simple cover, but there’s something so enchanting about it, and I can’t explain exactly what it is, but something on this cover captures my interest and I can’t forget it. Before picking this up I had seen it everywhere and it seemed like I couldn’t escape it, I’m glad I did pick it up because it was a great – albeit short- read and one I would definitely recommend! I am hoping I’ll get to read more by Cho Nam-Joo because I think she’s got a lot to say.

Firekeeper’s Daughter

The symmetry, the use of a butterfly silhouette and the colour palette of this cover are gorgeous and it was an instant cover-buy purchase for me. Again, this is another book I haven’t read yet but I endeavour to get to it sooner rather than later, hopefully at some point this winter with a warm cup of tea.

Six Crimson Cranes

I have not read this book yet, but I pre-ordered it after seeing the cover and hearing that it was a retelling of a fairy tale; truthfully, the decision made was largely based on the cover. It’s a stunning cover – as all of Elizabeth Lim’s covers are and whilst I haven’t read this yet, I know I will soon because I can’t let a book this beautiful go to waste.


I think I’ve mentioned in a previous post how I spotted this cover across a bookstore and just had to pick it up, and I mean, can you blame me? This intriguing cover also caused me to bump this one up my TBR, and I read it almost immediately after buying it. The cover is fortunately just as gorgeous as the contents and it’s a YA I highly recommend. You can read my review here.

The Bone Season

This cover definitely made me buy the book as even all those years ago I thought it was exceptionally beautiful, thankfully I still do to this day. I’m grateful I picked it up, even if it was for a shallow reason, as this has quickly become one of my favourite series and I live for each publication on the next book, and I desperately need the fifth book because that cliffhanger will kill me.

Record of a Spaceborn Few

I have spent years going past Becky Chamber’s gorgeous books in bookstores, wondering if sci-fi would be my thing and if it would be worth giving it a shot or not, and it definitely was. Whilst this was admittedly a cover buy (you can’t blame me for that, I mean look at that sky!), I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to buy more of her books with covers in this same striking style.

These Violent Delights

On my Winter TBR, and easily one of the most gorgeous covers in the YA literature space in years. I first heard about this book over a year ago when I first saw a glimpse for it’s cover online, and I have wanted to read it since that very first glimpse. The cover promises so much, and whilst the beginning is slow I believe the rest of the book fulfils on that promise.

The Ten Thousand Doors of January

I really didn’t like this book as much as I had hoped I would, I think it had excellent ideas and some fantastic moments, but was ultimately let down by the villain. It’s a shame as I have wanted to read this book because of it’s cover for years, and boy is this a beautiful cover – I truly don’t understand how anyone could dislike it.

Dead Astronauts

I picked this up a couple of days ago solely based on it’s cover, only to discover when I got home it’s a second in a series and I haven’t read nor do I own the first book, so buying a book for it’s cover alone isn’t always a good thing. I’m going to have to pick up the first one now as I am very intrigued by the blurb of this sequel.

One thought on “Top Ten Tuesday: Covers That Made Me Want To Read The Book

  1. I haven’t read the majority of these but quite a few of them also made it onto my TBR cos the covers are stunning. I loved SoC and the cover is probably one of my all time favourites! I hope you enjoy these other reads 🙂


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