2022 Reading Resolutions

Welcome to the New Year! And congratulations to all of you for surviving 2021, and if you had an awful year I wish this one is better, and if you had a great one hopefully this will remain for you.

Today, I’m bringing you my Reading Resolutions, because boy, I need to control myself around books a bit more, as my reading and book buying habits kind of went crazy last year. This year, 2022, is the year of my life (reading or not) where I try to ‘improve’ or ‘further’ things/areas – now I’m writing it down it doesn’t make much sense – essentially, this is the year I get my shit together. I was very unwell during my latter teen years, and once I was ‘better’ the pandemic hit, so my life has been a bit disorganised for a while and I want to finally sort that out now.

Bring Down My TBR

So, this is the big resolution you see on nearly everyone’s resolutions every year, and it’s also the one that I think has the smallest success rate across the board. Unfortunately, I have 237 unread books across all platforms (physical, ebooks, audiobooks, arcs etc.), and that’s a disgusting number that needs to be brought down. So, I am endeavouring to actually read more from my owned TBR this year, as well as being harsher with my unhauls – I might do a big end of year clear out to try and manage this – and make more time to actually read this year. I’m not aiming for a dramatic change, because I know my materialistic coping mechanism is buying books, but I can definitely reduce it this year.

Finish Series

I currently have 17 unfinished series, which considering the amount of unread books I own is not that bad, but still pretty bad. I’ve only counted series where I’ve started them and either not read the complete series, or not read up to the most recent release, as I have so many series I haven’t even started yet. I’m determined to finish a few of these this year as a lot of them have only one book in left unread, and also I have some new series I want to start so I’m hoping I’ll managed to reduce this number first.

Read More Classics

I own so many classics that I have never read, and they make up an embarrassingly big portion of that 237 number. I really want to finally read Pride & Prejudice this year as I consider it shameful I haven’t, as well as picking up more by George Orwell as I really enjoyed 1984 and Animal Farm when I read them. Also, I have a lot of Sherlock Holmes books, acquired during the time I was obsessed with the show Sherlock and I’m either going to have to unhaul most of them or actually finally read them – not sure which one it will be yet.

Keep a Goodish Blog Schedule

Yes, hello! This one relates the most to you as the reader – unless you don’t care, which in this case fair enough, I’m rarely present on this blog. Saying that, I do love this blog however, and I love reading blog posts, and I love writing blog posts, but unfortunately I’m not very good at making time for them, so I’m going to do that this year. I am going to make time for this blog, and I don’t think I’ll have a strict posting schedule – I know my limitations after all, and mass organisation is one of them – but I want to post and interact more on here, so here’s to hoping I’ll managed that.

Read More Non-Fiction

I have so many wonderful non-fiction books I need to read, it’s not even a want to read anymore, I feel the need to. However, I’m not very good at reading non-fiction books so I am going to try to read one chapter from a non-fiction book ever week, maybe more if I’m in the mood to do so, and hopefully I’ll find that I’ve read a few more by the end of the year.

What are your resolutions for the year?

4 thoughts on “2022 Reading Resolutions

  1. Well then, just thought I’d stop by to get you going on your blogging interaction resolutions. Great stuff here. I myself just want to read more this year. Anyway, wishing you all the best!

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