Book Haul: The Kinda Late One

Hello Everyone!

Today I thought I would throw out into the universe a long overdue book haul that explores all my purchases from the end of 2021 and into this year!

Books I’ve Bought

Please fear not! I haven’t spent too much money because a few of these were hardbacks picked up in Waterstone’s half price off sale, and some of the others were from independent bookstores – which are very important to support. Plus, I did have a giftcard and some loyalty points to spend at bookstores, as well as they purchases being spread out. However, I will admit I am struggling to walk past a book store and not pick up anything currently – is this a consequences of pandemic blues or just plain materialism? I can’t tell you.

Second-hand Books

And all of these purchases can be justified from the fact they were picked up in charity shop, which means I’m being sustainable and charitable all in once (which means no one is allowed to comment on my materialism).


I mentioned all six of these in a recent TTT post that explored some of my anticipated 2022 releases, and I’m pretty proud of myself for not pre-ordering all ten and all the others I discovered through all the other TTT posts that day, because they are so many good books coming out this year!


All arcs were acquired through Netgallery. I’m currently reading Sci-Fi Shorts Anthology that contains several short stories limited to 500 words. So far, it’s really mixed when it comes to what I like, there are some great stories, and some that aren’t my thing at all. I’m hoping to get to all the other arcs very soon, especially Free Love and Meteor Men both of which sound excellent.

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