WWW Wednesday: 9th February 2022 (The Covid One)

WWW Wednesday is currently hosted by Taking On A World of Words, and asks three simple questions that allows me to chat about what I’m reading, as well as my most recent and upcoming reads!

Over the last week I thought I would end up reading a lot more than I actually did, as I managed to contract Covid for the first time (officially at least, but I have my suspicions). I’m still testing positive but I’m okay as I have just the usual covid brain fog and fatigue, paired with a sore throat and a very mild fever that comes and goes. As I’m only allowed to sit in my room currently I thought I’d actually get a lot done this last week, unfortunately Covid is a bitch and brain fog means I find it hard to read.

What have you just finished reading?

The Twyford Code featured on my Top Ten Tuesday post that explored my anticipated 2022 releases for the first half of the year (you can read that here), and boy it didn’t disappoint. This is just as brilliant as Hallett’s debut, The Appeal, and I thoroughly enjoyed the mystery contained in this one too. Plus, if you struggled with The Appeal due to it’s format being made up of emails and such, this may be easier for you as its comprised of transcribed audio files. It’s a 5/5 from me, and I’ll have a review coming soon.

If you follow this blog you might notice it took me over a month to finish Hood Feminism, but to be honest I’m kinda proud I finished it whilst having Covid, it wasn’t an easy feat. Despite taking so long to read this was really good, and acted as an accessible introduction into intersectional feminism, and whilst being very American-centric a lot of what Kendall has to say can be applied all across the world.

It’s no surprise that considering how I’m feeling currently I turned to a graphic novel in an attempt to ease myself back into reading. Whilst my most recent read from Schwab wasn’t very successful, I enjoyed this one more and thought it was a nice addition to the Vicious universe.

What are you currently reading?

The Beekeeper of Aleppo is my current work read, which means I haven’t read much of it recently due to self-isolation. However, before I was off sick I managed to get almost halfway through this and I’m loving it so far, and I fear it may be hard to pick a favourite book for this month.

I know, I know I’ve been reading She Who Became The Sun forever. But, in fairness, my brain can’t do this kind of fantasy at the moment, there’s too many characters and plot points to remember. I will be re-picking this up properly once my symptoms ease as I know I’m going to love it, I just need to commit to it.

I am desperate to start Daughter of The Moon Goddess, another anticipated 2022 release for me and I’m hoping it’s as good as we all think it will be. I also need to start The Gifts, an arc I acquired through Netgallery, as it’s publication date is in about a weeks time!

4 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday: 9th February 2022 (The Covid One)

  1. Ugh, Covid. I’m sure it will be hitting me soon. I’ve made it this far but it seems to be taking out everyone. My husband just started going back to the office full time so I’m sure he will bring it home. I hope you start to feel much better soon! ❤ I just ordered Daughter of the Moon Goddess and I cannot wait to get it! Happy reading!

    My WWW!


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