A Look Back on My 2022 Reading Resolutions

This is very late, but I’m a terrible planner so this is just going have to be late and that’s okay. In early 2022 I created a 2022 Reading Resolutions post which you can read here, and I thought it was high time to explore how I did with these over the year, which obviously was terribly.

1. Bring Down My TBR

Yeah, that didn’t happen. In fact, my TBR grew an insane amount, and you can actually read about that in my 2023 reading resolutions here. Along with this resolution I also pledged to read several books in 2022 in this very pretty graphic, and out of 22 books I only read three (that’s just 13% which is kind of embarrassing). I think this is one of those kinds of resolutions I give myself every year, and I just inevitably ending up failing, and it’s becoming a bit of a problem. I have again pledged to bring down my TBR in 2023, and I am going to try and implement several measures this time round to ensure that. Also, if I fail this time around, I have to unhaul unread books which I really don’t want to do.

2. Finish Series

I actually read and completed, or got up to date with, three series in my reading during 2022. Which is not a good number, but I am proud of because three is unusually high for me. I am endeavouring to complete more series again this year, and as I have a few duologies to complete I’m hoping this may prove easier for me (fingers crossed). You can read about the series I want to finish in 2023 here.

3. Read More Classics

In my post I said I wanted to read more classics, which I did do because I read two in 2022, which is a +2 increase from 2021 so go me! One of them was even a book I put in that pretty graphic: Pride & Prejudice, which is just as excellent as everyone says it is. However, two is not a good number, and whilst it’s not one of my 2023 resolutions I’m hoping I can improve it; maybe I’ll pick up some Austen to achieve that.

4. Keep a Good-ish Blog Schedule

No comment.

5. Read More Non-Fiction

I said I was going to read one chapter of a non-fiction book every week to achieve this goal, which just didn’t happen, and obviously it was never going to happen because what a stupid idea. I did however read two non-fiction books last year, which is barely any, but at least I read some.

This has really taught me I’m just awful at sticking to goals and keeping promises, and a more sensible person would probably realise this kind of routine doesn’t work for them and to look for different ways to set goals – good thing that’s not who I am! I will, again, try to stick to my new year reading resolutions even if they end in failure, as hopefully I will at some point learn from them. You can read about my 2023 reading resolutions here.

One thought on “A Look Back on My 2022 Reading Resolutions

  1. I always have a goal to read one more non-fiction book than I did the year before and yeah, that really didn’t happen. I do like the idea of reading one chapter of a non-fiction every week though! Makes it seem a little bi more manageable but I guess we’ll see if it actually ends up being that way! 😂 I think completing 3 series is actually pretty great—I’m hoping to at least finish one series this year, lol.


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