April 2023 TBR

It’s very late for an April TBR but I’m still going to post this because at least I’m consistent in my inconsistency.

With my degree finishing in June I don’t expect my reading over the next couple of months to be very good, and so the TBRs I’m setting myself are less like goals, and more like guides. Even with no other commitments in my life, I still struggle to stick to them so my confidence in this list is at an all time low currently.

Of the books listed here, I have already started Godkiller and Medusa, but had to unfortunately put both of them down for differing reasons While I was very much enjoying what each had to offer, it just wasn’t the right time to read them but I’m hoping it will be this month. Godkiller was one of my anticipated releases for this year, and so far I’m halfway through and it is living up to my expectations. While Medusa is not a book I was aware of until I saw it for a cheap price in Tesco’s, and was sold on the premise that I love the tale of Medusa and Jessie Burton’s The Confession, and am desperate to read more from her.

From libby I have borrowed ebook copies of Book Lovers and A Thousand Splendid Suns, largely because everyone seems to love both of these books. I have never been someone whose enjoyed the romance genre, and instead have always sought it out as the subplot in fantasy and science fiction, but this year I’m trying to give it a fair shot – and I don’t think I should let The Duke and I be my only foray into the genre. A Thousand Splended Suns, however, is a book I’ve been aware of for years and have heard countless readers professing its greatness, so I thought it was high time I gave it a go.

Finally, I want to read A Mountain in the Sea, another one of my anticipated releases for this year. This is sold as a sci-fi meets thriller with an extra-intelligent species of octopus at the focus, and I am hooked by that premise. I don’t understand how you couldn’t be.

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