The Series I Want to Finish in 2023

I am a very bad series-finisher, my bookcases are full of half-completed series or ones I’ve never even started, and that is something I’m endeavouring to change in 2023. So here are some of the series I’m hoping to finish, or get up to date with, this year, I’ve included a lot of duologies for a bit of realism because this will be tricky for me, but I’m hoping I can change at my big adult age. Continue reading The Series I Want to Finish in 2023

2022 Reading Resolutions

Welcome to the New Year! And congratulations to all of you for surviving 2021, and if you had an awful year I wish this one is better, and if you had a great one hopefully this will remain for you. Today, I’m bringing you my Reading Resolutions, because boy, I need to control myself around books a bit more, as my reading and book buying habits kind of went crazy last year… Continue reading 2022 Reading Resolutions

The Christmas 2021 Book Wishlist

But with this year came so many exciting 2021 book releases! And, perhaps, at times too many book purchases by yours truly, but my materialist coping mechanism aren’t the point of this post, the point is celebrating those materialist coping mechanisms! So today I’m compiling a list of all the 2021 releases I haven’t been able to pick up to this year, despite how badly I want to read them. Continue reading The Christmas 2021 Book Wishlist

Most Disappointing Reads of the Year So Far: I’m blaming Buzzfeed

Hi Guys! Considering we’re now over halfway through the year I thought I’d share a list of my most disappointing reads of the year so far so I can talk about what went wrong with these books. I’m also going to post my favourite reads of the year tomorrow so it’s not all negative on this blog! Continue reading Most Disappointing Reads of the Year So Far: I’m blaming Buzzfeed