WWW Wednesday: 22nd April 2020

WWW Wednesday is currently hosted by Taking On A World of Words, and asks three simple questions that allow me to chat about what I’m reading, and also my most recent and upcoming reads!

What are you currently reading?

As I mentioned last week, I am still reading ‘The Priory of The Orange Tree’ and listening to ‘Born A Crime’. I’m not rushing my reading for Priory as I’m enjoying reading a little bit every day and I’m not sure I could read a lot in one go as it’s so high fantasy! Also, I have discovered I am very slow at finishing audiobooks and I’m not sure why – everyone seems to get through them so quickly!

This is another book I’m reading for my ‘Buzzfeed Recommends‘ series, I started ‘Deathless Divide’ yesterday after I finished ‘Dread Nation’ the day before that. I really enjoyed ‘Death Nation’ but fifty pages into this sequel I’m having some doubts about this one. There are a couple of things that have happened that just don’t make sense consistency wise and I’m not sure where the author will take this. However, I’m looking forward to seeing how Justina Ireland addressing all the questions she left unanswered in the first book!

I acquired a free copy of ‘Ignite The Sun’ by Hanna Howard through NetGallery and it’s really interesting so far! The world Howard has come up with is unique and fascinating. I’m not very far into it but I’m enjoying the world-building and premise, I’m just not sold on the main character yet – but there’s plenty of pages still to go!

What have you just finished reading?

I finished ‘Dread Nation’ a couple of days ago so I could read ‘Deathless Divide’ as part of my ‘Buzzfeed Recommends‘ series and I really enjoyed it. I loved the voice of the main character and it didn’t bore me like zombie premises usually do. This was exciting and fast paced, full of social commentary but also action scenes. I can’t believe I waited this long to read it and I only read it because of Buzzfeed!

I also finished ‘Descendant of the Crane’ by Joan He in the last week and despite a few problems I enjoyed that one a lot too. I would recommend this to people if you enjoy things like ‘The Good Place’ and political games and warfare over actual action scenes in your books, but if you don’t like those things this may not be for you. Read my full review here.

What are you going to read next?

I don’t know what I’m going to read next! Last week I said ‘The Cruel Prince’ by Holly Black and I’m still hoping to get to that before the end of the month so I think my answer has stayed the same!

13 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday: 22nd April 2020

  1. Enjoy your reading! I really want to read Dread nation! Sad to hear that the sequel is not really grabbing your attention yet!


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  2. I hope Deathless Divide picks up for you! I think I ended up liking it even more than the first book (which I loved), just because the stakes felt higher and the emotional impact was much sharper. I love the cover for Ignite the Sun! Oooh, I hope you enjoy The Cruel Prince when you get to it! That reminds me that I still haven’t read Queen of Nothing yet, either. xD Oops?

    Here’s my WWW post.

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      1. I know. xD The problem is, I didn’t want to buy it … but it was a real pain trying to get my library to order it, until I nagged them to death and they finally did … and then my coworker (who had also been nagging them to get it) called dibs. And then everything shut down. Sooo … oops? xD My bad.


    1. I think I’m 700 pages now but I’ve been reading it since the start of the month! Oooh you’ve still got so much to up, I hope you’re enjoying it!!


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