Exciting August 2020 Releases

The Last of the Moon Girls by Barbara Davis Synopsis: Lucy never wanted Moon Girl Farm, so nine years ago she left the land where nine generations of healers have resided, determined to distance herself from it all. But when her grandmother dies Lucy returns to tragedy, two girls have been murdered and there are cruel accusations following her grandmother to the grave. Lucy longs … Continue reading Exciting August 2020 Releases

July 2020 Anticipated Book Releases

Burn Our Bodies Down by Rory Power Synopsis: For her whole life it’s just been Margot and her mother, but that’s not enough for Margot – she wants family, she wants history – and now she’s found the key to get it: a photography The photograph leads her to a town called Phalene, to what could be home, but when Margot gets there she quickly … Continue reading July 2020 Anticipated Book Releases